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Oct 172018

Our speaker Wednesday, October 17th was Mr. Eddie Edstein. Mr. Edstein is from Australia and is the father of club member Jacq Buck. He spoke to the club about the time he spent in the Australian Army and foreign services. He spent 23 years in the army and 12 years working for the foreign services. He also kept the club awake and laughing this morning with a few jokes.  The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo appreciated Mr.Edstein being our guest this morning.

Oct 172018

On Wednesday, October 17th, Elaina Whalen a 4th grader from Leaphart Elementary School was recognized for being the Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo Student of the Month. She was present with her grandmother as well as, her principal Ms. Courtney Long. She is always striving to be a good student. Thank you to Sonic of Ballentine for sponsoring our student-of-the-month program.

Oct 122018

On Wednesday, October 10th Jim Jeffers received the award and pin for the Paul Harris Society.  To be apart of the Paul Harris Society the rotary member commits to give a $1,000 per year. This money in return goes to help the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation is then able to give out grants and funds for varies service projects both stateside and international. The Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo is honored to have such committed members.

Della Watkins-Columbia Arts Museum

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Oct 112018

On Wednesday, October 10th was Ms. Della Watkins, Executive Director of the Columbia Arts Museum. She has been the ED for the Arts Museum for over a year now. When she took over she decided the Museum needed a major renovation. Currently, the museum is undergoing a 4 phase renovation. The galleries have been redone and are now arranged by themes instead of time periods. There is a special events room and an entrance off of Main Street now. Lots of great things going on at the museum. You should definitely go and check it out.

Speaker 10.10.18

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Oct 092018

Please join us for Rotary Wednesday, October 10th as our speaker will be Ms. Della Watkins. Ms. Watkins is the Executive Director of the Columbia Arts Museum. She will be talking about the great things going on at the museum. So please come out and hear what she has to say.

Wheeler of the Month

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Oct 042018

The Rotary Club of Lake Murray Irmo has been delivering Meals on Wheels for years. This year the club has implemented the “Wheeler of the Month”. This is just an incentive to say thank you to the club member that goes above and beyond for that month. The “Wheeler of the Month” for September was Mr. Gene Hartsell. Thank you, Gene, for your “Service above Self” for the month of September.

Alan Buck Speaker 10.3.18

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Oct 022018

Our speaker Wednesday morning will be Mr. Alan Buck. I think by now we all know Mr. Buck pretty well as he as spoken to our club about many topics. Wednesday morning he will be speaking with us about bitcoin and blockchain simplified.  Please all come out and hear what he has to say.

Director of SC Department of Corrections

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Sep 272018

Our speaker Wednesday, September 27th was Bryan Stirling. Mr. Stirling is the Director of the SC Department of Corrections. He provided us with information on how much money is spent within the prison system. He told us how he has increased staff numbers over the years since he has taken over. Mr. Stirling also shared much more information about the good and bad of the prison system. He was very informative and the membership learned a lot from his talk.

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