On Wednesday, June 6th our speaker was Betty Jean Gall from the Quilts of Valor Foundation. She gave us some background on how the foundation got started. Quilts of Valor Foundation was started in Catherine Roberts sewing room in Seaford, Delaware. Ms. Roberts son was doing a year-long deployment in Iraq so it was her desire to see that returning troops were welcomed home with and love and gratitude provided the rest. These awarded quilts serve as tangible reminders of appreciation and gratitude to service members. Ms. Gall informed the club of how she became involved with the Foundation. She also informed us that over 160,000 veterans and current military personnel have been awarded Quilts of Valor. Three of our very own were awarded Quilts of Valor:  Jay Seward,  Jeff Baldwin, and  Gene Hartsell.  It was great to hear about this great Foundation honoring our Military and Veterans.




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