Last Week’s Speaker Has Concerns About Safety on Lake Murray

Billy Chastain with Dominion is charged with making Lake Murray safe for all of us.  His top priority is getting rid of the fences that go into the lake.  Doesn’t take a great imagination as to the hazard a fence extending into the water would have for boaters, skiers, and swimmers.

            After cleaning up the fences, Dominion is going to concentrate on docks that are illegal and in violation of the codes. Safety is Dominion’s primary concern. They want everyone to enjoy the lake and no one to get hurt.

            One issue that is causing a lot of concern hasn’t been dealt.  Wake boats and wakeboarding is causing a lot of damage to property.  These boats create as much as three-foot waves and are damaging boats and docks.   Only solution may be to restrict wake boats farther out possibly 100 to 150 feet from docks.

            Dominion wants to be a good neighbor and corporate citizen.  Look for more initiatives to protect the public and property owners.


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