Hamad Chip coulter

Anne Matthews, Past Vice-President of Rotary International, visited the Rotary Club of Lake Murray Irmo and gave a wonderful presentation in which she talked about the many things that Rotary International is doing. Ms. Mathews spoke about the tragedy that is poverty and how illiteracy is a large contributor to the health problems in the developing world.  She spoke about the necessity of clean water, and how many child fatalities can be prevented through clean drinking water and sanitation.  While Ms. Mathews visited the club, two non-Rotarians were recognized by the club as Paul Harris Fellows.  Michelle Lyerly was recognized for her long term service in education, banking and to her family by her husband Chip Lyerly.  A Paul Harris fellow was also given to Hamed Javad for his extensive contributions in service to the community by Chief Brian Buck. Jeanette Coulter a Past President, was also presented with a multiple Paul Harris pin.


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