May 172018

On Wednesday, May 16th, Shamirah Bell a 5th grader from Harbison West Elementary School was recognized for being the Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo Student of the Month. She was present with her parents as well as, her principal Ed Davis.  She is consistently showing good citizenship both in and out of the classroom. Thank you to Sonic of Ballentine for sponsoring our student-of-the-month program.

May 152018

Last Wednesday our speakers were from Providence Hospital and Lifepoint Health. Scott Campbell is the current CEO and told us how far Providence has come. He gave us some history behind the hospital and its future. Dr. Bill Phillips told us about the cardiovascular program at Providence. He informed the club rise of heart disease and some factors that are causing this disease to continue to rise. The two were very informative and the club was glad to have them as speakers.

May 152018

Every year the Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo honors a student from school district Lexington/Richland 5 with a scholarship for college, this scholarship is awarded in honor of Dr. Stephen Hefner who is District Five’s SuperIntendendent but also a long-standing Rotarian. Dr. Hefner is asked to choose the awardee and this year’s honoree is Zachary Korchert.  Zachary was awarded his scholarship last Wednesday morning at the Rotary Club’s breakfast meeting. Zachary is a student at Irmo High School and the Center for Advanced Technical Studies where he is a part of the Clean Energy Technology program. Zachary was the state science fair winner and will be going to Pittsburgh to compete in the International Science Fair.  Zachary plans to attend Presbyterian College.

Speaker 5.9.18

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May 082018

Our speaker Wednesday morning will be Scott Campbell Providence Health CEO. He will be talking to us about the brand of Providence and its new company Lifepoint Health. Please come hear what Mr. Campbell has to say about the topic.


Golf Tournament

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May 012018

Congratulations to Dr. Minhas Team! They took home the trophy this year. Thank you to everyone that worked to make this year’s tournament a success!

Mark Bounds 4.18.18

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Apr 182018

Our speaker Wednesday, April 18th was Mr. Mark Bounds. He is the Head of School at East Point Academy, a public charter school here in the Midlands. The school was founded in 2011.  The school’s motto is merging cultures, inspiring minds, and expanding horizons. The students at East Point learn through immersion. Immersion is an instructional approach to foreign language education in which content classes are taught in the target language. The target language at East Point is Mandarin. Mr. Bounds was very informative. We all enjoyed learning about this school and the great things they have going on.

Speaker 4.18.19

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Apr 172018

Our speaker for Wednesday morning will be Mr. Mark Bounds. Mr. Bounds is the Head of School at East Point Academy. East Point Academy’s mission is to produce academically and personally successful students who are proficient in both Mandarin Chinese and English and to promote cultural exchange and understanding. Come hear what Mr. Bounds has to speak to us about.

Alan Buck 4.11.18

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Apr 122018

Our speaker Wednesday, April 11th was Mr. Alan Buck. He spoke to our club about the electric car industry and more specifically Telsa’s. He gave us an overview of the Telsa company both the good and the challenging. He told us about the residential side of the Telsa company. He informed us of the 3 different models and their price ranges. Mr. Buck is very knowledgeable about this topic and it was very interesting to learn about the electric car industry. The Rotary Club of Lake Murry-Irmo really enjoyed hearing Mr. Buck speak about this topic.

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