Paul Harris Fellows:

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Oct 212014

paul-harris-fellowOur club has awarded many Paul Harris fellows, each year we are proud to add to our growing list of donors.

John Adair*, Ellen Adair, Kim A Kimbrough, Kirk Adair, Laura Roberts Adair, Kevin Adams, Silas P. Amick*, Betsy C. Amick, Stacey Atkinson, Beetle Bailey*(D), Catherine Bailey, Debra Bailey, Glenda Childs, James Bailey, Jr., Jeffrey W. Baldwin*, Libbie L. Baldwin, David L. Baldwin, Jason Baldwin, Nathan Ballentine*, Ginny Barr, Russell L. Bauknight*, Anice Bauknight, Beth G Bauknight, Holmes Bauknight, Katherine Bauknight, Cynthia Bauknight (D), David Graham, Robert Berry*, Vicky G. Berry, Brad Bessent, Martin Bocock, Scott Brawley, Darren Bouknight, Bill Brooks*, Lucretia Brooks, Gerry Brossard, Sandy Brossard, Rosalie Browning*, James L Browning, Brian Buck, Jacqueline Buck, Stan Bugner, Lynn Campbell*, Arden G. Gentry, Kellen Gentry, Davis Campbell, Gaye Campbell, Maxey Carter (D), Skey P. Caskey*, Rebecca Ann Caskey, Patricia Cavanaugh, Joel W. Collins, Jr.*, Joel W. Collins Sr (D), Joel Collins III, George Anderson, James F. Barker, Bruce A. Beatty, Lisa L Boshamer, William A. Bryan Jr., Anne P Collins, Rhonda P Collins, Richard Collins, Connie M. Foster, Robert F Goings, Jay Hair, Rebecca K Halberg, Danya Jordan, Jean Phillips, Robert V. Phillips, Leon Pickens, Luther L. Taylor, Jr., D Reece Williams III, Jeanette Coulter*, Jerry Coulter, Molly Cousins, Harold Crawford*, Barbara J. Crawford, Michael Cromer, Bill Danielson, Margaret L. Danielson, Kristen M. Danielson, Reid Danielson, Tim Derrick, Dwight Derrick, Scott Dickerson, David Eckstrom (D), Melissa Engel, Mickey Epting*, Mae Epting (D), Houston Fitzpatrick, Rod Funderburk*, Rowena Funderburk, Craig M. Funderburk, Alicia Amerson, Robert Amerson, James S. Gadsden,Sr.*, Thelma Gadsden (D), Warren Gantt, David Graham, Harry Hafer, Maria Hargrave, Stephen Hefner*, Ben Herritage, Carey Hite*, Paula Hite, Jim Holcombe, Harvey Hoots*, Susan K. Hoots, Malissa Hulon,Ray Hunt, Jerry Isbell, Johnny Jeffcoat, Jim Jeffers*, Andrew S. Jeffers, Claire L. Jeffers (D), Connie S. Jeffers, Jill Jeffers, Mathew T Jeffers, Pamela K. Jeffers, Philip N Jeffers, Thomas W. Jeffers, Willard R. Short (D), Louise Short, Charles L. Johnson, Judy Johnson, Charlotte Bright, Perry Anne Bowling,   Jenny Garris,, Homer Jones, Chris Joye, Emilie Keene, Chris King, Bill Kopelman, Morgan L. Lariscy, Chuck Larson, William C. Lyerly III, Carl Manheim, Mike McClay*, Cheryl McClay, Velvet McGowan, Brian McIntyre, Kevin Meetze, Balbir S. Minhas, Christina Sullivan Melton, Jack Mobley, Edmund Monteith, Jr.*, Cameron S Monteith, Gregg Morton, Josh Morse, Robert Moseley*, Lisa Moseley, Scott Moseley*, Melinda B Moseley, Bentley Murrell *, Karen Murrell, Kelsey Murrell, Ervin Ott, Bobbie McEntire Parrish* (D), Jack Parrish, Robert McEntire (D), Kelly Payne, Joel Z. Price*, Cindy Price, Richard M. Quinn, Jr, Dan Randall, Lyn Richards, Dick Robinson, Eddie Robinson*, Cynthia Robinson, Mozell Robinson, Noveita Roe*, Brandi Roe, Randy Roe, Tim. W. Scott, Jay Seward, Charles Shealy, Blount Shepard*, Karen K Shepard, Thomas Shepard, George Staples*, Richard G Staples, Michael J Staples, David Staples, Marylou Stinson, Larry Stohs*, Anna Marie Stohs, Jack Terrell, Ritchie Tidwell*, Troy Tidwell, Ryan Tidwell, Jaret Tidwell, Sims Tompkins, Stevens Varnadoe, Joseph Walker, Jim Wellman, Trudy West, Lyman Whitehead, Jr.*, JoAnne B. Whitehead, Amy Jo Jacobson, Jeffery Lee Ashworth, Brooks Williams, Tim Williams, Tim Young

* Multiple Paul HarrisFellow

Bold – Current Members

(D) Deceased

LMI Rotary supports DJJ and Habitat for Humanity

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Oct 192014

DJJOn October 7th, a group of rotary club volunteers went out to South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Habitat for Humanity to support the DJJ youth in their latest community service project.  At the DJJ Broad River Road Complex,  DJJ youth participated in building a home for Habitat for Humanity.  Our volunteers supported the youth by serving lunch to all the workers.

Supporting our Community.

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Jul 292014

In 2013-14 the Rotary Club of Lake Murray- Irmo supported various non-profits and other worth while efforts in our community with small gift grants. Our club raises funds throughout the year so that we are able to give back locally. Here is a who we supported this year:

ICRC – Team Sponsorship:thumb_ICRCLogo4

Ballentine Elementary: Canstruction: Canstruction-2

Keep the Midlands Beautiful: lmir2 Adopt-A-Hwy


Homeworks: Homeworks Restoring homes.

PAALS: PAALS Palmetto Animal Assistance Life Services

Irmo Police Explorer post: Irmo Explorers

Irmo High School Jr ROTC:rotc

Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust CART

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Jul 212014

The CART Fund raises over $500,000 annually by reaching out to Rotarians at our weekly meetings.  Imagine what we could do if we take that beyond our club borders?   We will have these flyers as well as buckets and informational sheets available at our weekly meetings for you to display at your business.  A little pocket change can go a long way to change the course of Alzheimer’s Disease research!

Click and print links:


Info Cart

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